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Now I’m the voice for those who have none.
— K.L. Randis

K.L. Randis, a.k.a Kelly, started journaling at age 6 and had short stories and poetry published by age 13. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in Psychology and spent over 4 years in the mental health field before penning a novel about her time testifying in the courtroom against her father for childhood sexual abuse. 

Author of bestselling novel Spilled Milk: Based On A True Story and the Pillbillies series, she engages audiences on a local and national level to raise awareness about child abuse and sexual abuse, serving as a frequent commentator to media outlets. She has developed both high school & college presentations as 'Spilled Milk' becomes internationally recognized as required reading. She was invited to the Pentagon several times to speak to the department of defense about child abuse, & has even had several celebrity endorsements for her books including those from Chelsea Houska (Teen Mom 2 reality tv star) & Juliet Pritner (Law & Order SVU actress), amongst others. Spilled Milk is her first novel, which grabbed the #1 bestsellers spot on Amazon only 24 hours after its debut in 2013, where it has remained. She resides in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with her family.

She remains very active on her social media channels, encouraging and advocating for those who may still be trying to find their own voice to speak out against childhood sexual abuse.