Kelly 'K.L.' Randis  

Six years after publication, Spilled Milk remains #1 in several categories, a steadfast seller in high ranking amongst the millions of titles available, and is the most wished for title.

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Kelly Randis found a lack of literature that described what a child had to go through when testifying against an abuser, particularly when the abuser was a parent. As an avid reader and journal-keeper, she penned the novel 'Spilled Milk' to help future generations of children navigate the court system.

Spilled Milk is now required reading throughout the nation in both high school and college courses, replacing popular titles such as 'Child Called It.'

What sets Spilled Milk apart?

Most child abuse novels focus on the devastation that child abuse, incest, and sexual abuse bring. Spilled Milk is the first of its kind to show not only how to survive through the process, but also how to thrive in the years and months following prosecution.

We constantly tell our children to ‘Tell an adult’ when abuse happens, but how do we explain what happens next? Spilled Milk does just that, becoming a popular top pick for psychologists, teachers, social workers, and criminal justice professionals: For the first time ever, a book clearly shows the before, during, and after of testifying. 
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In an effort to protect her siblings’ privacy and comfort while they healed, she composed Spilled Milk as ‘fiction based on true events’, opposed to a memoir. “I was able to combine personalities, events and ongoings without outing any specific sibling. I didn’t want them to publicly have to speak about their trauma if they didn’t want to or just because I was willing to.

In the media

Today, K.L. spends her days as a frequent commentator to media outlets, traveling to colleges & high schools for Q&As after they’ve read her novel, conducting military sexual assault trainings & speaking at the Pentagon, & working closely with professionals in social service fields—including non-profits— to bring about policy changes.


The honest, raw openness of your writing style is compelling. Your story touched me deeply.
— Juliet Pritner, Actress, Law and Order: SVU
This book has changed lives and given strength to help so many individuals. I can’t wait for it to be on the big screen to continue to reach even more people and impact the world.
— Gabrielle Stone, actress
I read this book in two days, I couldn’t put it down.
— -Chelsea DeBoer, Teen Mom 2 reality TV star
For the second year in a row, Kelly Randis will be using her first-hand experience as a sexual assault survivor to educate national leaders at the Pentagon, where she has been invited again as an honorary guest for their sexual assault training.
— LT Ashley Valanzola, Pentagon Sexual Assault Prevention
Thank you for talking to the Domestic Violence Coordinating Policy group. Continue to reach out and touch others, as you have touched our group!
— Lisa Siciliano, Family Court Administrator at Berks County Court
Agenda books have their places. Normally, they are not as well written and moving as this one. The impact of Spilled Milk will never leave you.
— Marsha Ingrao, Teacher & Blogger "Marsha Just Writes"
Randis spoke to a full room of CASAs, attorneys, social workers, and interested citizens about her personal story of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and her inspirational triumph as a survivor.
— C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocates ) of Richmond, VA
Everyone LOVED your presentations and the sexual assault class was so excited to have met and spoken with you
— Dr. Brenda Russell, Penn State Berks, Sexual Assault Class
You are an inspiration!
— Mario Scavello, State Senator 40th District - PA
Thank you so much for being our keynote speaker, your comments were very powerful and courageous. We truly appreciate ALL you do to educate people of all ages about child abuse.
— Beth Rubin, Director of Greene County Family/Children Services
Thank you for coming & sharing your story with our community. It is so important we have a whole village to support the needs of abused children; with your help we can help them heal.
— Barbara Herzog, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
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